Benefits of IT Asset Management and Discovery Tool, SCCM

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Blog 5 in “SCCM is NOT Enough” Series

Stage 4 of an Asset’s Lifecycle: Discover and Audit

SCCM discovers devices on your network and the licenses on those devices. ITAM manages the processes around those devices and licenses. Here are 3 ways ITAM can transform SCCM’s raw data into valuable information:

  1. Know who has what

IT needs to know which assets are allocated to who. For accountability reasons and tracking purposes, this allows IT to closely monitor the assets for when they need repairs, upgrades or replacement. This proactive approach extends their lifetime value and helps monitor their depreciation. This is also a great security measure for when employees leave the organization. IT knows exactly what that employee had access to and will be able to salvage the software on the computer and reuse the hardware.

  1. Know where it is

A great part of ITAM is locating your assets, geographically. Although hard to do manually, ITAM can easily track where your assets are located across the organization’s locations. It is especially beneficial when an organization operates in multiple cities. By tracking asset location, you will be able to better maintain inventory, know which assets are always available and where they can be distributed. For example, there are 100 available laptops in the system. They’re needed on the Washington campus but they are stored on the Ohio campus.

  1. Audit and Inventory beyond network discovery

Often, organizations have several types of assets including some that may not be discoverable by SCCM. Examples include chairs and desks. In some cases, you may have purchased licenses but SCCM evidently cannot discover them yet. A potential solution is using ITAM. You can track your discoverable and non-discoverable assets in an ITAM solution.

For non-discoverable assets, ITAM solutions allow you to directly add them in your inventory. Once they are discoverable on SCCM, the accounts will update with the new information that is found.

For physical assets, it is not uncommon to want to use one solution to track everything. At VIZOR, we have customers that use our ITAM tool to track their desks, chairs and art pieces.


As mentioned previously in this blog series, ITAM tools have automated reports to facilitate compliance, inventory checks, and audit preparation.


SCCM’s automated processes of discovering assets have limitations when you purchase new assets and when you manage physical assets. With an ITAM tool, you can pull this information into the ITAM solution with every type of asset you want to manage.

Is SCCM limiting your discoverable assets?


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