Chromebook Management for School Districts

Google Admin Console Sync

Google Admin Console Integration

Extend the native capabilities of Google Admin Console to better track and manage your Chromebook inventory in one easy-to-use Web-based interface.

Track Chromebook Repairs

Track Chromebook Repairs

Track and diagnose each repair and its associated cost with VIZOR. Repair costs can be charged back to schools, faculties, students or parents.

Manage One to One Programs

Manage Check-out Programs

Easily manage mass Chromebook allocation to students. VIZOR integrates with barcode readers to accelerate 1:1 device distribution, loaners and returns.

Top Features Schools Need

Google Admin Console Sync

VIZOR syncs with the Google Admin Console (Workspace, formally G Suite ) so your Chromebook inventory is always accurate. Trigger VIZOR processes, such as notifications, based on a device's organizational unit membership. Optionally import student and staff data from School Information Systems (SIS) such as PowerSchool.

Facilitate 1:1 Initiatives

Whether you have a 1:1 program, order Chromebooks in bulk or purchase a few at a time, VIZOR helps you distribute your devices. Keep track of which schools have which laptops, who is using which device, and when each one needs to be returned. This keeps students, teachers and staff accountable for their Chromebooks.


If your school lends Chromebooks to students for short-term periods, the check-in/check-out feature makes it easy to do. VIZOR keeps track of which devices are available to use and which ones are in storage or in repair. It sends reminders when to return the device and streamlines the process to replace a broken device.

Repair Management

Manage the costs, user(s) involved, and exactly what was repaired. VIZOR tracks the repairs of every device and flags those that go for repair more than 3 times (lemon assets). Thus, helping you keep an eye out for faulty devices and being proactive about using warranties. Further, VIZOR has a diagnostic built into the system with the most common Chromebook repairs.

Bulk Update Metadata

Make changes to your Chromebook device metadata in bulk. For example, if you need to update a warranty for hundreds of devices, make the change in VIZOR and it will update all your Chromebooks at once. Other examples include updating vendor information, reallocating Chromebooks to another school and updating the status of the devices.

iPads, Projectors, TVs, Carts

VIZOR has specific functionality for managing Chromebooks but School Districts can manage all IT devices and assets in VIZOR. Track the lifecycle of iPads, Projectors, TVs, Carts and even lengths of network cable. Know your exact asset inventory, what you have in storage and where it is located.

How VIZOR helps Echo Horizon School

All of our infrastructure assets, end user devices, projectors and displays and their purchase information is accessible in VIZOR. Before VIZOR it took minutes to check-out each device, it now takes seconds.

Francisco Felix Director of Technology at Echo Horizon

More features in VIZOR for Chromebooks

  • Email notifications can be sent to students, parents and teachers when a device is due for return or ready to be picked up
  • Manage all costs associated to Chromebooks
  • Track device warranties
  • Device search and queries
  • Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting
  • Track student device insurance
  • Remotely Disable Lost / Stolen Chromebooks
  • Acknowledgement of equipment receipt
  • Distribute Chromebooks by scanning barcodes on devices and student ID cards
  • Identify Old Versions of Chrome OS
  • View Chromebooks by their location such as School and Classroom
  • Automatically identify problem 'lemon' devices
  • Identify trends in repairs
  • Manage inventory of Projectors, Carts and Smartboards
  • Simplify Chromebook loaner swap outs
  • Google account (Workspace, formally G Suite) single sign-on

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