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VIZOR Service Desk for Customer Support

VIZOR’s ServiceDesk Module is a comprehensive helpdesk issue tracking solution for seamless customer support. Out-of-the-box functionality facilitates best practices for cases, inquiries and complaints. Features include; powerful email integration, Service Level Agreement support, Knowledge Base options, automatic ticket assignment, survey integration, and simple configuration for your personalized touch.

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“Our customers in the banking, insurance, Telecom and healthcare industries are taking advantage of our security features that privatize personal and sensitive information that is required to be protected, even from helpdesk personnel.”

– Erick Yanez, CEO of Vector Networks, Creators of VIZOR

Dashboards and Reports

Powerful dashboards and reports provide all the information you need to monitor the performance of your services. Improve your customers’ experience by keeping an eye on trends that can be analyzed by time, analyst, topic and other metrics.

Customer Ticket History

Ensure a seamless customer experience by accessing the customer’s ticket history directly from their profile. View their open/closed tickets, the time stamps, any emails they sent, and which analyst they dealt with for each ticket.

Integration with Product Information

Easily link tickets to specific products, providing simple access to product details or documentation. Know what products the customer purchased, and if it’s software, what version they have and when they installed it.

Supporting Warranties

VIZOR supports RMAs and returns. It allows you to track the parts of your product that were affected, replaced and the serial numbers sent to the customer.

Import Customers

Easily import your customer list and their details if you already have them in a spreadsheet or in your own database or any 3rd party application. Attach contracts and documents in the solution so you have all the information you need in one location for a seamless customer experience.

Customer Security

Only make the tickets accessible by answering security questions, having a maximum number of failed attempts and recording the questions and answers if submitted via phone.

Email integration and Ticket Routing

Emails can be sent and received from VIZOR, eliminating the need to rely on Outlook for your helpdesk. VIZOR analyzes incoming email tickets through a powerful mailbox workflow engine. Tickets can be automatically allocated to a helpdesk analyst or work team based on issue categorization or keywords in an email subject line or message body.

Self-Service Portal & Knowledge Base

VIZOR’s self-service portal enables customers to submit tickets, check on the status of existing tickets and read Knowledge Base (KB) articles without using a support resource. Improve agent efficiently by using the Knowledge Base for internal use as well. Articles can go through an approval process before publication in a public or internal KB.

Automate Customer

VIZOR allows you to set up new customers with one click of a button. After setting it up, give them access to your products, training documentation, contracts and any other supportive material to get your customers onboarded quickly.

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