VIZOR Integrations

VIZOR Integrations

VIZOR integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.


Microsoft Entra ID

Authenticate logins against cloud-based Microsoft Entra ID (formally Microsoft Azure Active Directory). VIZOR’s integration with Entra ID provides organizations with all the benefits of utilizing Entra ID tenants including multi factor authentication.

Microsoft Excel

Easily import existing spreadsheets of computer inventories, software licenses and IT purchases into VIZOR. Ongoing imports can be automated using VIZOR’s import scheduling functionality.

Purchase Sync

Purchases of computers, software and other assets can be automatically added to VIZOR by vendors such as SHI. In addition to time savings such vendor integrations ensure accuracy of price, purchase date and renewal information.

Microsoft Dynamics

Manage all asset purchasing information, including service and maintenance contracts, purchasing agreements and supplier information. Integrate with an external purchasing system, such as Microsoft Dynamics, used by the procurement or accounting departments.


Charges and fees in VIZOR with outstanding balances can be converted into fines for collection via InTouch. Payments made in InTouch are automatically applied to the corresponding charge in VIZOR, recalculating the balance owed for that specific charge or fee.


VIZOR includes a library of best practice reports and dashboards out-of-the-box. VIZOR admins can also leverage PowerBI to create personalized reporting dashboards.

Crystal Reports

VIZOR includes a library of over 100 best practice reports out-of-the-box. You can also create any custom report you require using your preferred BI tool such as Crystal Reports.


Manage all network devices discovered by Lansweeper in VIZOR. Extend Lansweeper’s agentless, multiple platform network discovery capabilities with VIZOR’s best practice IT Asset Management processes.


Link assets and software licenses to purchase orders, invoices, warranty and contract documentation held in your Alfresco file repository.


Computers and network devices discovered by SolarWinds can be managed in VIZOR, extending asset life-cycle management, provisioning workflows beyond SolarWinds capabilities.


VIZOR can securely communicate with external systems via SFTP. By connecting VIZOR to external tools via SFTP, organizations can automate workflows while ensuring secure encrypted data transfer.


VIZOR open standards REST based API permits custom integrations at request.

Looking for another integration?

VIZOR has a simple data import tool which permits scheduled synchronization against most data sources. VIZOR also has an open standards based API and VIZOR’s adapter model permits custom integrations at request.