IT Asset Management Software Solution

VIZOR is a ITIL best practice solution. VIZOR manages the complete IT asset lifecycle, with a central repository combining network discovery and inventory data with purchase, warranty and maintenance details. Network connected devices are discovered and audited with a built-in discovery capability, or through integrations with your existing PC discovery and configuration management infrastructure such as Microsoft ECM (formally SCCM) or LANSweeper.

VIZOR includes a central repository for all details related to your IT assets, including supplier information and related documentation, so you can easily manage multiple purchases, agreements and maintenance contracts. VIZOR also streamlines the allocation of assets to employees and locations, ensuring you know exactly 'who has what'.

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Unique IT Asset Management Feature-set

Essential IT Asset Management Features

How VIZOR Helps You

Reduce Workload

Stop wasting time on common IT tasks that can be automated, such as creating accounts for new employees. Reduce the hours you spend on routine jobs and allocate your time to higher priority tasks.

Improve Processes

Shift your focus from micro-managing every step of your processes to overseeing streamlined processes. In addition, customize VIZOR to execute processes unique to your organization or industry.

Centralize Data

Never manipulate a spreadsheet or spend hours finding the data you need again. Trust VIZOR to store the information you already have, and the additional data VIZOR identifies, in one central location.

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