IT Asset Management for ConfigMgr

VIZOR leverages and complements your existing Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) infrastructure to reduce IT costs by optimizing the administration of IT assets. VIZOR's powerful web based interface frees data previously siloed in ConfigMgr so all required organization parties can participate in the complete IT asset life cycle from employee request, through approval, procurement and provisioning.

  • IT and Software Asset Management for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formally SCCM)
  • No requirement for additional client side deployment
  • Transform raw inventory data into actionable management reports
  • Powerful automation capabilities

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Essential IT Asset Management Features

Complete Asset Lifecycle Management

VIZOR manages the entire asset lifecycle, from employee request, through approval, procurement, provisioning and eventual retirement. VIZOR ensures managers are always up-to-date on the status of their assets, and therefore remain organized, compliant, and ready for any renewals, purchases, replacements or audits.

Know Exactly "Who Has What"

Knowing who has what provides department and asset managers with full asset visibility and allows for optimal IT asset management. Assets can easily be allocated to employees and locations. VIZOR supports hierarchies including buildings, campuses, and even specific rooms or floors. Assets can also be checked in and out in the system so managers know where assets are located at all times.

Notifications And Reminders

VIZOR provides timely email alerts and reminders to inform managers on the status of their assets. Notifications may be sent to the appropriate team if assets are out for repair or lost. VIZOR ensures managers stay on top of all IT processes such as asset warranty expiry and software maintenance renewals with timely email alerts and reminders.

Multi-Tenant Web Interface

VIZOR's powerful web based interface frees data siloed in ConfigMgr so all stakeholders have visibility of IT Asset Management processes and procedures. VIZOR's multitenant architecture ensures data is securely presented to appropriate users where required, for example giving department managers a view of assets only within their department.

Asset And Software Request Portal

VIZOR's self-service asset and software request portal is an app-store for your organization, enabling end users to request exactly what software, assets and services they need, when they need it, thereby reducing waste of over provisioning. Requests pass through multi-layered approval processes, eliminating shadow IT and ensuring you remain compliant.

Purchase, Maintenance and Supplier Management

Manage all asset purchasing information, including service and maintenance contracts, purchasing agreements and supplier information. Import purchases or integrate with an external purchasing systems used by the procurement or accounting departments.

Streamline Software Delivery

VIZOR leverages existing application deployment infrastructure in ConfigMgr to streamline software delivery. VIZOR's unique role based provisioning functionality ensures necessary approval and then streamlines software delivery to users based on requirements of their role and projects. New employees are therefore productive from day one and should an employee leave, software is rolled back and licenses returned to the pool.

Elective Normalization

VIZOR's elective software normalization tooling helps you to transform raw inventory data collected by ConfigMgr into actionable information for license and software asset management. Electively eliminate noise from inventory data such as patches and system updates gathered by ConfigMgr. VIZOR also helps with version consolidation and facilitates grouping of identified applications into suites.

Complex Licensing Compliance

VIZOR supports complex compliance schemes such as per CPU and per core licensing models. VIZOR can also be extended with custom license compliance calculations so your effective license position is always accurate, ensuring your organization's software remains legal and compliant.

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How VIZOR Helps You

Reduce Workload

Unlike other solutions, VIZOR actually reduces your workload by automating the most frequent IT requests, like user provisioning. Easily onboard assets for new employees, and recover them when they leave. VIZOR will automatically coordinate the deployment of software applications, further reducing the workload for IT.

Improve Processes

VIZOR ensures you capitalize on existing investments in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager by utilizing capabilities in ConfigMgr such as software delivery and network device discovery. VIZOR enhances ConfigMgr by managing underlying processes, ensuring you remain compliant and reducing costs by freeing demand on IT resources.

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