Online Digital Resource Management for Law Firms

Centralize Legal Digital Resources

Centralize Digital Resources

Simplify management of all your law firms' digital resources by centralizing purchases, agreements, and user allocation.

My Online Legal Resources Portal

My Online Resources Portal

Provide employees one click access to online resources allocated to them via a personalized My Online Resources portal.

Requests and Approval for Law Resources

Requests and Approval

Streamline employee requests for online digital resources with unique approval workflows satisfying your processes.

Empowering Legal Professionals

VIZOR empowers legal professionals by providing seamless access to digital resources.

Employee Digital Resources Portal

No more hunting for bookmarks or scouring email for resource links. Employees simply access VIZOR and find their resources neatly organized. VIZOR acts as a hub, aggregating all relevant resources in one place. Whether it's legal databases, case management systems or research tools, employees can access them with a single click.

Personalized Resource Access

Each employee's portal is tailored to their role and responsibilities. For instance, lawyers might have quick links to legal research databases; Paralegals could access document management systems; Administrative staff might find HR portals and communication tools. This saves time, reduces frustration, and boosts overall efficiency.

Digital Resource Requests

When employees need access to specific digital resources (such as legal databases, research tools, or case management systems), they can submit a centralized request. VIZOR captures essential details, including the purpose of access and the user's role. Once approved, the requested resource is allocated to the user, and automatically appears in their resource portal.

Streamlined Resource Administration

VIZOR simplifies management of digital resources by centralizing purchases, agreements, and user allocation. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheet manipulation and endless data searches. VIZOR provides a single location where all your law firm's digital resources converge, ensuring streamlined administration, cost management, and efficient renewals.

How VIZOR helps you

Reduce Workload

Reduce the hours you spend managing digital resources for your law firm, from purchase approval to renewals and allocation.

Improve Processes

Out of the box workflows ensure best practices are always followed in management of your online digital resources.

Centralize Data

Never again manipulate a spreadsheet or spend hours finding the data you need. Trust VIZOR to centralize your law firm's digital resources in one location.

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