IT Asset Management Software

VIZOR simplifies IT Asset Management, reducing workload by improving IT processes and centralizing data. Specialized editions for Education and Corporate Businesses ensure unique IT Asset Management workflows for all organizations are optimized.

Chromebook Management for K-12 School Districts

VIZOR helps Schools and School Districts manage Chromebooks and their other IT Assets. VIZOR facilitates Chromebook Distribution to Students, 1:1 (one to one) Programs, Repair Management and Check-in/out loan processes. Financial information relating to Chromebooks such as purchase details, warranties and chargebacks can also be managed with VIZOR. VIZOR integrates with the Google Admin Console and Student Information Systems to streamline common IT processes specific to education such as allocating devices to students.

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IT Asset Management for Corporate Businesses

VIZOR helps organizations implement ITIL best practices in relation to IT Asset Management. Gain visibility of all details related to your IT assets including inventory data, supplier information, related documentation and employee allocations. Easily manage IT purchases, agreements, maintenance contracts and the complete lifecycle of your assets. Network connected devices are discovered and audited with VIZOR's Discovery capability or by integrating with your existing PC discovery and configuration management infrastructure.

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Move beyond spreadsheets today

Centralized Asset Management

VIZOR centralizes management of your IT assets and devices. Track the lifecycle of Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Projectors and even lengths of network cable. Know your exact asset inventory, what you have in storage and where it is located.

Barcode Check-out and Audit

Manage the complete loan process, from request and check-out to return check-in and audit. Use barcode readers to efficiently scan assets in and out without ever losing track of your inventory.

Automate Asset Notifications

Keep users informed with automated email notifications regarding with their devices and assets. Notify users of where to collect new devices, send personalized return reminders and keep users informed on repairs.

What VIZOR customers say

"With VIZOR we keep track of Chromebooks and all our other technology assets, what needs to be repaired, and more. It's a central hub for our technology needs at the school." - ACPA, Ohio

Software License Management

Manage your software assets including licenses, maintenance contracts, and cloud subscriptions, in a central software license manager tool. Manage requests through approval and provisioning processes, ensure license compliance and maintain control over software expenditure. Receive timely reminders when maintenance contracts and cloud subscriptions are due for renewal. Stay informed on current and forecast expenditure with powerful analytics reporting.

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ITIL Service Desk

ITIL best practice helpdesk issue tracking solution ideal for both IT end user and customer support. Out-of-the-box functionality facilitates ITIL best practices for incident and change management with powerful email integration, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Knowledge Base, teamworking, automatic ticket assignment and a self-service portal. VIZOR seamlessly integrates with our awarding winning desktop remote control solution PC-Duo.

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How VIZOR helps you

Reduce Workload

Stop wasting time on routine tasks that can be automated. Reduce the hours you spend on repetitive IT tasks, freeing up your time for priority projects.

Improve Processes

Out of the box workflows ensure best practices are followed in your all IT processes. Easily customize workflows to execute processes unique to your organization.

Centralize Data

Never again manipulate a spreadsheet or spend hours finding the data you need. Trust VIZOR to centralize the information you need in one location.

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