IT Asset and Device Management for PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool and Google Integration

VIZOR consolidates student information from PowerSchool and Chromebook data from Google Admin Console in one easy-to-use Web-based interface.

Manage Device Repairs

Track and diagnose each repair and its associated cost. Repair costs can be charged back to students, parents, schools or faculties.

Streamline 1:1 Programs

Simplify mass allocation of Chromebooks to students. VIZOR also integrates with barcoding systems to accelerate device distribution, loans and returns.

Why School Districts use VIZOR with PowerSchool

PowerSchool Plug-in and Google Sync

Official PowerSchool plug-in makes it simple to allocate devices to students and staff. VIZOR syncs with the Google Admin Console so your Chromebook inventory is always accurate. Trigger automated processes such as notifications and remotely disabling lost devices.

Simplify 1:1 Initiatives

Whether you have a 1:1 initiative, order Chromebooks in bulk or purchase a few at a time, VIZOR helps you distribute your devices on mass. Keep track of which schools have which devices, who is using what, and when each one needs to be returned. VIZOR keeps students, teachers and staff accountable for their devices.


VIZOR makes it easy to check-out devices for loan. Easily loan a Projector to teacher or Chromebook to a student. VIZOR sends automated reminders to ensure devices are returned on time. Seamline the Check In / Check Out process with barcode integration.

Repair Management

Manage the all device repairs and associated costs. VIZOR tracks the repairs of every device and flags problem lemon assets, so you can be proactively manage warranties and device insurance agreements. Further, VIZOR has a diagnostic built into the system with the most common Chromebook repairs.

iPads, Projectors, TVs, Carts

VIZOR has specific functionality for managing Chromebooks but School Districts can manage all IT devices and assets in VIZOR. Track the lifecycle of iPads, Projectors, TVs, Carts and even lengths of network cable. Know your exact asset inventory, what you have in storage and where it is located.

Email Notifications for Returns, Repairs and Charges

Save thousands by reducing the number of unreturned devices with automated email notifications. Notify families after a device repair to inform them of a charge, insurance requirement, or replacement collection details.

What VIZOR customers say

"Before VIZOR it took minutes to check-out each device, it now takes seconds. All of our infrastructure assets, end user devices, projectors and displays and their purchase information is accessible in VIZOR" - Echo Horizon, California

PowerSchool + VIZOR FAQ

What data is synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

VIZOR imports Student and Staff (teachers and other school employees) from PowerSchool. VIZOR also imports schools (including their locations) and the district office.

What Student information is synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

VIZOR imports a limited amount of student information which is required specifically for Chromebook and 1:1 program management. VIZOR imports student data which can be used to easily identify the correct student such as Name, Grade Level, Homeroom Teacher and Lunch ID. VIZOR can also import parent contact details for notifications.

Is data synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR secure?

Yes. VIZOR utilizes the official PowerSchool API for seamless and secure data exchange.

Is VIZOR a certified PowerSchool Partner?


What information is needed to configure the VIZOR and PowerSchool integration?

The PowerSchool Tenant ID, Client ID, Secret Key and Service URL are required to configure the PowerSchool integration. PowerSchool administrators also need to install a plugin to enable the integration.

How often is data synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

By default PowerSchool data is synchronised every 24 hours, this can be set in the VIZOR configuration area.

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