Network Discovery

What is connected to your network?

Network device discovery helps organizations ensure they have an accurate and up to date inventory of IT Assets connected to their network.

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How VIZOR discovers IT Assets

VIZOR’s network discovery capability finds and audits IT assets connected to your network. Comprehensive PC inventory utilizes multiple interrogation techniques to report hundreds of hardware characteristics and detailed software inventory for each device. Choose between agent-based and agent-less deployment options to suit your requirements. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) scanning discovers and audits network connected printers, routers and switches. VIZOR network discovery provides a comprehensive option for organizations without an existing discovery capability such as Microsoft ConfigMgr (Endpoint Configuration Manager / SCCM) or Lansweeper.

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“VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units.”

Iowa Department of Education

Hardware and Software Inventory

Comprehensive PC discovery scan provides a complete inventory of hardware and software utilizing multiple techniques such as WMI, DMI, registry scanning and BIOS interrogation.

Agent-based and Agent-less Inventory

Agent-based inventory provides accurate real-time reporting or select VIZOR’s agent-less one-shot inventory for a zero-footprint audit.


Discover and audit network connected devices such as printers, routers and switches with VIZOR’s SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) scan and network mapping capability.

Secure Web Agent

VIZOR’s secure web-based agent ensures inventory data is up to date for all devices including remote workers and workgroup devices. No VPN or port forwarding required.

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