VIZOR Software Asset and License Management

Simplify software asset management with a central license repository for all of your software license entitlements, from cloud subscriptions to enterprise agreements. VIZOR stores all details related to your software assets and licenses including supplier information and documentation, so you can easily manage multiple purchases, agreements and maintenance contracts. VIZOR also ensures you remain compliant with clear and accurate reports detailing your effective license position. Receive timely reminders when maintenance contracts and cloud subscriptions are due for renewal, and stay informed on current and forecast software expenditure with powerful analytics reporting.

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feature-rich product with strong asset inventory and management capabilities. "

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Powerful Software Asset and License Management Feature-set

Central software license repository

Central repository for all details related to your license entitlements including supplier information and related documentation, so you can easily manage multiple purchases, agreements and maintenance contracts. Software expenditure is broken down, providing a clear view of total costs and average costs per user. VIZOR also enables simple allocation of licenses to users, computers, departments and locations.

Automate on-boarding & license recycling

Easily allocate software and cloud services to new employees ensuring they are productive from day one. Role Based Provisioning ensures each user is allocated exactly what they need based on a user's role such as job title or their position on a project. Automatically return licenses back to the pool when employees leave or no longer require the software.

Software request portal

VIZOR's software request portal is an app-store for your organization. End users or their managers can request software applications or cloud services reducing overspending and waste from over provisioning. Requests pass through multi-level approval processes, eliminating shadow IT and helping towards compliance.

Software license compliance

Manage your software license compliance status with clear and accurate reports detailing your effective license position. VIZOR supports complex compliance schemes such as per CPU and per core licensing models. Also, powerful over licensed reports detail the cost of surplus licenses in your organisation.

Essential Software Asset and License Management Features

Dashboards & Reports

Stay informed on past, present, and future software expenditure throughout the software lifecycle with powerful analytics reporting. Edit existing reports or create your own tabular, listing and detail reports with charting using VIZOR's custom report builder.

Email Alerts & Reminders

Avoid renewal penalties with out of the box and custom notifications. Stay on top of maintenance & cloud subscriptions renewals and your compliance position with timely email alerts and reminders.

Purchasing Integration

Integrate with external purchasing systems, from an Excel Spreadsheet to Microsoft Dynamics. This allows your team to view and simply select the relevant purchase orders and/or line items and link them to an appropriate license or subscription.

Network Software Discovery & Inventory

Network discovery finds and audits Windows desktops, laptops, servers and virtual machines. Comprehensive software inventory utilizes multiple interrogation techniques.

Microsoft ConfigMgr / LANSweeper Integration

Software discovered by ConfigMgr (ECM, formally SCCM) or LANSweeper can be managed in VIZOR extending license management beyond ConfigMgr's and LANSweeper's own capabilities. Also, leverage existing application deployment infrastructure in ConfigMgr to automate software delivery using VIZOR's provisioning workflows.

Manage Cloud & SaaS Subscriptions

In addition to traditional on premise software licenses, also manage and track (auto)renewing cloud service subscriptions for web apps like Salesforce and cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Elective Normalization and Version & Suite Consolidation

Tooling to manually transform raw inventory data into usable information for license management. Electively eliminate noise from inventory data such as garbage versions, patches and driver updates.

Documentation File Repository

Central and secure repository for all proof of purchase documentation and certificates related to your software assets. Upload documents in to VIZOR or link to documents from your SharePoint, Alfresco or similar repository to leverage your organization's investments in security and efficiency.

Active Directory & LDAP Directory Integration

Synchronize user accounts from Active Directory and LDAP directories. Single Sign-on, users are automatically authenticated and directed to their personal VIZOR homepage without requiring additional sign-on.

How VIZOR helps you

Reduce Workload

Stop wasting time on routine tasks that can be automated. Reduce the hours you spend on repetitive IT tasks, freeing up your time for priority projects.

Improve Processes

Out of the box workflows ensure best practices are followed in your all IT processes. Easily customize workflows to execute processes unique to your organization.

Centralize Data

Never again manipulate a spreadsheet or spend hours finding the data you need. Trust VIZOR to centralize the information you need in one location.

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