Chromebook Management with PowerSchool

Facilitate Chromebook allocation to Students, 1:1 Programs and device repairs

VIZOR for Chromebooks and PowerSchool help School Districts manage Chromebooks by consolidating data and streamlining IT processes. VIZOR consolidates student information from PowerSchool and device data from Google Admin Console in one easy-to-use Web-based system. As a result, you know who has what, can easily track repairs and update device metadata in bulk.

VIZOR also keeps students accountable for their devices. By sending automated notifications, students are reminded when to return devices and when a charge is due. To keep costs under control, financial information relating to Chromebooks, such as purchase details, warranties and repair chargebacks, can also be managed with VIZOR.

VIZOR for Chromebooks integrates with PowerSchool and IT solutions including Google Admin Console and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM) to streamline key IT processes specific to education, such as allocating Chromebooks to students.

How VIZOR works with PowerSchool

PowerSchool holds your students’ information. Google Admin Console retains device inventory data about your Chromebooks. VIZOR consolidates the data from each system and streamlines IT processes.
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PowerSchool Chromebook Integration
The synchronization between PowerSchool and VIZOR makes it possible to associate devices with your students. This makes it easier to distribute Chromebooks, check-in devices for repair, notify parents when their child needs to return a device and track costs associated to each device, student or school.

PowerSchool + VIZOR for Chromebooks FAQ

What data is synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

VIZOR imports Student and Staff (teachers and other school employees) from PowerSchool. VIZOR also imports schools (including their locations) and the district office.

What Student information is synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

VIZOR imports a limited amount of student information which is required specifically for Chromebook and 1:1 program management. VIZOR imports student data which can be used to easily identify the correct student such as Name, Grade Level, Homeroom Teacher and Lunch ID. VIZOR can also import parent contact details for notifications.

Is data synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR secure?

Yes. VIZOR utilizes the official PowerSchool API for seamless and secure data exchange.

Is VIZOR a certified PowerSchool Partner?


What information is needed to configure the VIZOR and PowerSchool integration?

The PowerSchool Tenant ID, Client ID, Secret Key and Service URL are required to configure the PowerSchool integration. PowerSchool administrators also need to install a plugin to enable the integration.

How often is data synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

By default PowerSchool data is synchronised every 24 hours, this can be set in the VIZOR configuration area.

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