Allocate Assets to Employees

Allocate Assets to Employees

You can’t manage what you don’t know you have, and you can’t get back assets if you don’t know who has them. VIZOR ensures you know Exactly 'Who Has What'

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How VIZOR Allocates Assets to Employees

VIZOR consolidates asset, employee and AD information. Assets can easily, even automatically, be allocated to employees providing department and asset managers with full asset visibility. VIZOR tracks who is using what so when an employee calls in with a question about their computer or when they lose a cellphone, you know exactly what you’re working with. By default, VIZOR keeps inventory information accurate.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Asset Allocation Processes

Out of the box ITIL Onboarding and Check-out processes simplify the allocation of assets to employees

Username Allocation

Allocate computers to employees based on the user of the device.

Management View of Assets

Managers can access VIZOR with a 'View Only' mode. That way, they can see the IT costs of their department and what is allocated to their employees.

Leavers Asset Report / Notifications

Get assets back when employees leave. Notifications can be sent to employees and reports provided for department managers.

Harper College
Aurora Public Schools
Western Quebec School Board

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