New Chromebook Management Features


VIZOR’s New Chromebook Management Features

Improved ITAM integration, allocation, and repair functionality for the Education Sector

August 13, 2019 (Atlanta, Georgia) – VIZOR today announced the official launch of new features for improved Chromebook management. Usually used by the education sector, the new features include better integration with Google G suite, allocation of Chromebooks by container, and better tracking of Chromebook repairs, including “lemon” assets.

As Chromebooks are listed in the G suite, users wanted an easy way to update them in their VIZOR solution. Now, it can be done with one click. Another important feature that was included in this summer release was the ability to allocate the assets by containers. It is very common for schools to purchase Chromebooks in crates, for example, and then distribute them to classrooms for teachers to hand out. As a result, the process of allocating Chromebooks in batches is now possible to track in VIZOR.

“VIZOR now reflects specific IT processes in the education sector,” Dean Bates, Marketing Director at VIZOR, exclaimed, “VIZOR is fully equipped, out-of-the-box, for educational institutions and companies that use Chromebooks, and we are very excited for it.”

As students damage the Chromebooks, it was important for users to track repairs. That includes the number of repairs, the type of repair, who is repairing it, and the number of times the device needed repairs, identifying them as “lemon” assets. Plus, VIZOR can chargeback repairs to a specific department, faculty or parent of the student.

The VIZOR team continues to work with the education sector to define best practices in the industry.

For a full list of all the new features in VIZOR, click here.

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About VIZOR: VIZOR ( is an IT Asset Management solution with an integrated Service Desk. The IT Management solution stands out with its unique Software License Management features and affordability. Developed by Vector Networks, the innovative solution has won the Vendor Landscape Award in 2017, got PINK certified in 2019, and is now being resold internationally and translated into several other languages.

About Vector Networks: Vector Networks ( is an IT software developer and distributor helping organizations around the world for over 25 years. With a focus on customers and innovation, Vector Networks has won awards for their new flagship product VIZOR that was only launched in 2017. Today, Vector Networks continues to innovate in the IT Asset Management, and Service Desk landscapes as they are dedicated to improving organizations through IT.

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