New Partnership with German Reseller, MINX



New Partnership with German Reseller, MINX

Based out of Dresden, MINX is adding VIZOR, a Vector Networks product, to their product portfolio


August 17, 2018 (London, England) – Vector Networks today announced their new partnership with software and service provider based out of Germany, MINX, as they are adding VIZOR to their product portfolio. Customers located in Germany can now communicate with a local VIZOR reseller to answer their questions, help them with support and provide product training.

MINX reached out to Vector Networks early this year to add the IT solution to their portfolio and help cater to the German market. The reseller identified VIZOR as a way to differentiate themselves from their competition. MINX’s extensive knowledge of customer service management in the local area and insight into business process management also sets them apart.

“We act in the same time zone and speak in the same language…” said Jürgen Pitschke, Network Manager at MINX.

Vector Networks is excited to work closer with MINX as they share the same values of focusing on customers, innovation, and honesty. The partnership has already produced collateral translated into German, a German version of the VIZOR website and commencing the translation of the solution.

“The relationship with MINX represents a wonderful opportunity for Vector Networks to expand the presence of VIZOR into the Germany market. We’re excited to partner with MINX as they bring significant expertise and experience in IT service and asset management.” expressed Vector Networks’ Marketing Director, Dean Bates.

“The partnership with Vector Networks means differentiation from our competition,” Jürgen Pitschke continued as he describes expanding their product portfolio.

Information about this partnership can be found on the MINX website ( and more information on VIZOR can be found at Updates on the German version of VIZOR will be announced when completed.


About MINX Software und Service: MINX Software und Service is a software house operating Europe wide. MINX is a partner of international software vendors offering solutions in Europe. In addition to the distribution of leading solutions, consulting and service are important components of their offering. For the products of Vector Networks, MINX Software and Service has the distribution rights in the German-speaking countries and offers to consult and training services for the products. Further information about VIZOR offerings can be found at

About Vector Networks: Vector Networks ( is an IT software developer and distributor helping organizations around the world for over 25 years. With a focus on customers and innovation, Vector Networks has won awards for their new flagship product VIZOR that was only launched last year. Today, Vector Networks continue to innovate in the IT Asset Management, and Service Desk landscapes as they are dedicated to improving organizations through IT.

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