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Introducing The IT Club
Replacing 100 IT & Tech Newsletters With One Email

January 28, 2019 (Montreal, Canada) – VIZOR today announced the official launch of The IT Club, a monthly email sent to its members regarding current trends in IT and Technology. Targeted at IT professionals, the membership aims to reduce the clutter in inboxes by curating stimulating content all in one email.

The monthly emails will be sent on the last Wednesday of every month. It will include between 15 and 20 links to popular articles (including VIZOR articles), questions regarding the hottest topics and bonus material like an extra webinar, guide or ebook by VIZOR. The IT Club also includes a short soundbite summarizing the email allowing IT professionals to listen to the contents of the email while working and then revisit it if they hear something they are interested in. 

“People in IT are super busy. They don’t need or want 100 newsletters in their inboxes,” expressed Laura Lepore, Marketing Coordinator on the VIZOR team, “The problem is that IT professionals still want to stay updated. We thought a monthly email with all the trends and a soundbite would help out with that problem.”

In the future, the VIZOR team hopes to expand the membership beyond a monthly letter to include exclusive webinars and perks.

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About VIZOR: VIZOR ( is an IT Asset Management solution with an integrated Service Desk. The IT Management solution stands out with its unique features including Software License Management and affordability. Developed by Vector Networks, the innovative solution has won the Vendor Landscape Award in 2017 and is now being resold internationally and translated into several other languages.

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