VIZOR's Flexible Licensing

Licensing adjustable to your needs

What is VIZOR's Flexible Licensing?

VIZOR's Flexible Licensing is a pricing option that does not limit organizations to the same number of VIZOR IT Asset Management and Service Desk licenses for a full year. Add Short term licenses for special projects or seasonal needs without a yearly commitment.

Why should I be interested in VIZOR's Flexible Licensing?

VIZOR's Flexible Licensing removes the concern of knowing exactly how many licenses you need upon purchasing IT Asset Management or Service Desk solution like VIZOR. In addition, this licensing model eases concern for price increases for upcoming projects, fluctuating staff or any other short-term goals.

What are the 3 main benefits of VIZOR's Flexible Licensing?

1) VIZOR understands that organizations may not require high quantities of licenses all year round. This model allows organizations to save money when they are not using the licenses.

2) There are multiple scenarios when an organization may temporarily need more licenses like a peak season or short-term projects. VIZOR's Flexible Licensing encourages organizations to take on projects, hire more staff and produce more valuable output without any hesitation.

3) As an IT Asset, Software & License Management and Service Desk, VIZOR is integrated solution ideal for centralizing information. The Flexible Licensing model gives you even more of a reason to choose VIZOR!

Which organizations are most likely to benefit from VIZOR's Flexible Licensing?

Any organization that has a fluctuating staff, multiple projects, and temporary license requirements can benefit from this license model. Examples include the education sector because student enrolment varies and the healthcare organizations who support hundreds of interns a year.

What are the conditions of this license model?

There is a minimum number of licenses you must purchase in order to benefit from VIZOR's Flexible Licensing. You can add Flexible Licenses at any time during your subscription period and remove when you no longer need them (minimum of two months).* The Flexible Licenses purchased in addition to your base number of licenses will be priced slightly differently. For more information, contact an Account Manager at

*May change without previous warning. Conditions apply.

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