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VIZOR Assets manages the complete IT asset lifecycle, with a central repository combining network discovery and inventory data with purchase, warranty and maintenance details. Network connected devices are discovered and audited with our built-in discovery capability or through integrations with your existing PC discovery and configuration management infrastructure such as Microsoft System Centre or LANSweeper. VIZOR Assets includes a central repository for all details related to your IT assets, including supplier information and related documentation, so you can easily manage multiple purchases, agreements and maintenance contracts. VIZOR Assets also streamlines the allocation of assets to employees and locations, ensuring you know exactly 'who has what'.

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Unique IT Asset Management Feature-set

Track the complete IT asset lifecycle

VIZOR provides a single source of truth through a searchable, queryable, reportable and customizable central repository for all IT assets. Track the complete lifecycle of assets, from employee request, through approval, procurement, provisioning and eventual retirement. Trigger and create lifecycle workflows, such as alerting the CISO if a sensitive device is lost or stolen.

Automate employee on-boarding / off-boarding

Easily provision assets for new employees, and recover them when they leave with custom provisioning and deprovisioning actions. Automatically create tickets, change requests or automations to support the on-boarding of new employees. Unique role based provisioning functionality automatically allocates or provisions assets based on a user's profile such as job title or position on a project.

Check-in / Check-out Equipment Loan

Manage the complete loan process, from request and check-out to employees to return check-in to equipment storage. (Optionally) use barcode readers to scan equipment efficiently in and out without ever losing track of your inventory. Automatically notify users and asset managers of unreturned assets.

Know Exactly "Who Has What"

Assets can easily, even automatically, be allocated to employees providing department and asset managers with full asset visibility. Should an employee leave, asset recovery is ensured. Powerful reports further assist managers in planning roll-outs and upgrades, while having a clear view of an asset's total cost of ownership.

Manage Remote Worker IT Assets - VIZOR is available in the Cloud or On-premise

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Essential IT Asset Management Features

Asset Location Tracking

Track where assets are located, with support for hierarchies including buildings, campuses, and even specific rooms or floors. Network connected assets can be automatically allocated to a location based on a device's IP address, subnet range, SCCM collection or organizational unit association.

Network Device Discovery & Inventory

Network discovery finds and audits all assets on a network, including PCs, printers, routers and switches. Comprehensive PC inventory reports over 700 hardware characteristics utilizing multiple interrogation techniques.

Microsoft SCCM / LANSweeper Integration

Computers and network devices discovered by SCCM (Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager) or LANSweeper can be managed in VIZOR, extending asset life-cycle management, provisioning workflows and more beyond SCCM's and LANSweeper's own capabilities.

Purchase, Maintenance and Supplier Management

Manage all asset purchasing information, including service and maintenance contracts, purchasing agreements and supplier information. Integrate with an external purchasing system, such as Microsoft Dynamics, used by the procurement or accounting departments.

Email Alerts & Reminders

VIZOR provides timely email alerts and reminders to inform managers on the status of their assets. Notifications may be sent to the appropriate team if assets are out for repair or lost. In addition, new asset requests and hardware warranty expiries can be sent to managers via email.

Dashboards & Reports

User customizable dashboards provide IT asset managers and analysts with the information they need at a glance. VIZOR includes a library of over 100 best practice reports out-of-the-box. Edit existing reports or create your own tabular, listing and detail reports with charting, using VIZOR's custom report builder.

Active Directory & LDAP Directory Integration

Synchronize user accounts from Active Directory and LDAP directories. With Single Sign-on, users are automatically authenticated and directed to their personal VIZOR homepage without requiring additional sign-on.

Web based Configuration Tools

Simple yet powerful web based configuration tools ensure ease of use; no developer skills are required to make customizations in VIZOR. Create an unlimited number of custom fields and business rule workflow processes to meet your own ITAM requirements.

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