New dawn in IT Asset Management for Schools

The VIZOR 'Crescent' release brings significant new features simplifying the management of devices and IT assets in schools and districts. Recent years have seen major shifts in how devices are provisioned, maintained and utilized in schools. The VIZOR 'Crescent' release reflects these shifts in three functional themes; Inventory, Automation and Repairs.

Accurate Centralized Inventory

Microsoft Intune and Jamf

VIZOR now integrates with Microsoft Intune and Jamf, providing districts with a single unified view of their entire device inventory. These new integrations complement existing MDM, configuration management and network discovery integrations with Google Workspace and Microsoft Configuration Manager to provide users with a single source of truth for Chromebooks, iPads and Windows devices.

Asset Bundles

VIZOR now supports asset bundles to simplify the provisioning of assets to users. For example, a 'Media kit' bundle could include hardware such as a Microphone, Camera, Tripod, Laptop, Light, and software like Audacity and Adobe Premiere.

Identify swapped devices

It's even easier to identify swapped devices in VIZOR. Report ("Recent User Is Not Assignee") identifies where the most recent logged-in user differs from the assigned person. This functionality is supported by a new auto-assign algorithm based on recent login data from Google.

Enhanced Barcoding Workflows

Support for barcoding check-in/out workflows has been streamlined with a simplified UI, bulk device check-in and ad-hoc asset label printing. New reports provide insights into the assignment and return status of assets. In addition, new Transit and Retirement statuses add further granularity for asset tracking.

Track Funding Sources

Track funding sources Easily track assets purchased with funding sources such as ESEA Title funding with new Funding Source and Funding Source Year fields.

K-12 Workflow Automations

Automate Chromebook Powerwash

The ability to remotely Powerwash Chromebooks can be delegated to non-IT staff, typically providing a quick fix to Chromebook performance issues. Furthermore, Powerwashing Chromebooks can be automated, for example when loaner devices are returned.

New K-12 Rules Engine

A new server-side rules engine brings greater flexibility and efficiency to K-12 workflow implementations. For example, check-in rules can assign assets to predefined organizational units and locations during the return process, similarly, check-out rules enable you to move assets to specific organizational units based on factors like the year of graduation.

Rules for Disabling Chromebooks

Extending existing functionality to disable lost Chromebooks, district admins can now establish policies to automatically disable Chromebooks of a certain type or brand for enhanced security. Disabling / enabling devices can also be delegated to non-IT staff without granting them access to the Google Admin console.

Maximum Devices per Student

School and districts can define the maximum number of assets per person, such as setting a limit of one Chromebook per student. When an authorized user attempts to assign an additional asset to a person who has already reached the limit, the system will block the assignment unless explicitly overridden.

Streamline Device Repairs

Track Excessive Student Repairs

Enhanced functionality makes it easier to track the number of repairs per user and identify those who exceed a certain threshold. Weekly reports highlight students with excessive repair requests and automated notifications can be sent promoting responsible behavior.

Repair Parts Inventory

VIZOR now manages the parts used to repair devices. This includes the tracking of available parts inventory, such as replacement screens and keyboards, and the cost of those parts.

Repair Fees

New repair fee calculations permit advanced workflows such as exempting fees for devices identified with known defects (lemons). VIZOR has also made it easier for schools to collect repair fees with a new Fees API and integration with payment solution InTouch.

Over 60 New Features and Improvements

VIZOR 'Crescent' is a major milestone release with over 60 new features. In addition to features highlighted, VIZOR supports several new user interface and navigation functions increasing usability. New reporting functionality with persistent queries, support for PowerBI and exporting to Google Drive ensure districts always have the device data they need. The 'Crescent' release consolidates builds, and

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