1:1 Device Management for K-12 School Districts

Manage One to One Programs

Quick Barcode Check-in/out

Easily manage mass device allocation to students. VIZOR integrates with barcode readers to streamline 1:1 device distribution, loaners and returns.

Track Chromebook Repairs

End user Self-service Portal

Families can electronically confirm they have received their device, accept the districts usage policy and report their device as lost or stolen.

Google Admin Console Sync

K-12 Asset Management

K-12 School Districts can manage all technology assets such as Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Projectors, TVs and Carts in VIZOR.

Automate your 1:1 Device Program Today

Track 1:1 Asset Inventory

K-12 School Districts can easily keep track of their 1:1 device inventory and stock levels of other assets such as Projectors, TVs, Smartboards and Carts.

Barcode 1:1 Device Allocation

VIZOR helps districts distribute 1:1 devices to students in bulk and perform quick loaner swap outs. VIZOR supports all standard Bluetooth barcode readers.

School and role specific Logins

Users (Principals, Teachers, Librarians) from a specific school can be configured to only view and assign devices allocated to their school.

Acknowledgement of Device Receipt

Schools can ask families to confirm the receipt of their device via an email link and self-service form. The form can also request acceptance of the districts terms and conditions policy using electronic signing.

Report Lost or Stolen Device

Families can report their device as lost or stolen through VIZOR's self-service portal.

Remotely Disable Chromebooks

VIZOR can remotely disable lost or stolen Chromebooks, preventing unauthorized access. Disabling a device can be triggered automatically as part of a process such as reporting a Chromebook as lost or stolen through VIZOR's self-service portal.

1:1 Repair Management

Keep track of all details relating to 1:1 asset repairs. VIZOR can also create chargebacks and fees for specific repairs taking into account insurance status.

Email Notifications for Returns, Repairs and Charges

Save thousands by reducing the number of unreturned devices with automated email notifications. Notify families after a device repair to inform them of a charge, insurance requirement, or replacement collection details.

SIS Integration

No more cross-referencing spreadsheets and systems to find relevant contact information. VIZOR synchronizes student, teacher, staff and parent information directly from your Student Information System (SIS).

Google Admin Console Sync

VIZOR synchronises all enrolled and pre-provisioned Chromebook data from the Google Admin Console. Bulk annotated field updates and OU assignments can easily be performed with VIZOR.

What VIZOR customers say

"Before VIZOR it took minutes to check-out each device, it now takes seconds. All of our infrastructure assets, end user devices, projectors and displays and their purchase information is accessible in VIZOR" - Echo Horizon, California

Simplifying 1:1 Device Deployments for School Districts

  • Email notifications can be sent to students, families and teachers when a device is due for return or ready for collection
  • Manage all costs associated to 1:1 devices
  • Track device warranties
  • Device search and queries
  • Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting
  • Track student 1:1 device insurance
  • Remotely disable lost 1:1 Chromebooks
  • Family acknowledgement of 1:1 equipment receipt
  • Distribute 1:1 devices by scanning barcodes
  • Identify old versions of Chrome OS
  • View assets by their location such as School and Classroom
  • Automatically identify problem 'lemon' devices
  • Identify trends in repairs
  • Manage inventory of Projectors, Carts and Smartboards
  • Simplify 1:1 device loaner swap outs
  • Google Workspace account single sign-on

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