Software Asset & License
Management ROI Calculator
Software Asset & License
Management ROI Calculator

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Organizations of employees can potentially save $ per year by using a software asset and license management solution like VIZOR. With examples supported by independent Gartner, Deloitte and Forrester statistics, this document details how the most popular features in VIZOR help organizations achieve such savings.

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Software Asset & License Management ROI Breakdown

Software Request Portal - Save $

Organizations of 1000 employees can save $ per year in staffing costs by automating software requests. Employees can request software applications or cloud services using VIZOR's software request portal. Requests pass through pre-defined provisioning and multi-level approval processes, minimizing workload while improving efficiently of request fulfilment.

IT spends an average of 20 minutes per software request. This includes replying to emails, chasing approvals and coordinating provisioning actions. With an average of requests per employee per year, an organization of employees would process requests per year. Based on an average IT Support Technician salary of $ and 1856 annual working hours, $ in staffing costs can be saved or relocated to other projects by utilising VIZOR's software request portal.

Control Shadow IT - Save $

Gartner states that 2% of software spend isn't authorised by IT, this is generally referred to as shadow IT. VIZOR manages software subscriptions and the approval and provision of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure enabling IT to keep track of all software spend. VIZOR's central license repository, software request portal, financial cost discovery and support for auto-renewing subscriptions ensures previously unmanaged Shadow IT spend is accounted for. For an organization with a software spend of $ it is proposed that $ is lost to shadow IT annually.

Automating Employee Onboarding - Save $

A Forrester study found that new employees wait an average of 3.5 days for all the resources required to start the tasks of their job. VIZOR's onboarding and role-based provisioning functionality ensures new employees have the IT hardware, software and privileges they need from day one. Assuming employees can work while waiting for their assets, employees will still lose about 30% productivity. For an organization of employees, VIZOR saves $ in lost employee productivity.

Calculation based on average US employee turnover and salary. Mercer states that the average employee turnover rate in the US is 22 percent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median wage for workers in the United States during Q3 2018 was $857 per week.

Notification of renewals - Save $

Large enterprise software vendors often charge a premium for late maintenance renewals. The premium or fine varies between vendor and the period elapsed. VIZOR helps organizations avoid late renewal penalties by providing timely email alerts and reminders before they are due. The example below assumes that % of total software spend is allocated to maintenance renewals and 15% of renewals incur a late penalty free. Penalty fee calculated using Symantec's late renewal premium of 25%.

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