10 Benefits of Using Chromebooks in The Classroom

In this blog, we will review the benefits of Chromebooks and why they are a good option for the Education Sector.

1. Laptop form factor

Most Chromebooks have a Laptop form factor. Yes, you can get Chromebook tablets but the majority of Chromebooks look like traditional laptops with a keyboard and screen. Unlike iPads and MacBooks, Chromebooks are produced by multiple vendors. This gives school districts the flexibility to select the right vendor and model which best fits their requirements, for example rugged for K-6.

2. Unique Operating System

Chromebooks run Chrome OS developed by Google. In comparison to Windows most Schools find Chrome OS to be a light weight operating system which is easier to manage via cloud based administration tools, such as Google Admin console. Schools can also manage Chromebooks with VIZOR. Chrome OS includes the Chrome web browser, Google Assistant and a clean modern user interface.

3. Updates Automatically

One benefit of running on Chrome OS is how the Chromebooks update automatically. In other words, IT does not need to update each device every time there’s a new patch. Less maintenance means less classroom disruptions and reduced costs. When purchasing thousands of devices, this particular feature helps schools tremendously.

4. No Malware

Another benefit of running on Chrome OS is how they built the devices so securely that there are no malware risks. Malware is short for malicious software. It is intended to disrupt or damage information on the computer. Not having to worry about any malware saves schools from implementing security policies and investment in preventative software.

5. Long-lasting Battery

We all remember a time when we were using our laptops when suddenly we are rushing for the charger. Google thought that students shouldn’t have to worry about this issue. As a result, Chromebooks last all day. So, even when Chromebooks are shared between classrooms, the devices do not require additional charging. The devices only need to be charged overnight.

6. Easy to Use

An evident benefit is its simple use. It’s obvious for a regular laptop user to transition to a Chromebook. But for students, this might be the first time they interact with a device – especially on an educational level. Google vouches that the simple interface and usability ensures a quick learning curve. Therefore, there’s no classroom time learning about how to use the Chromebook. The focus is on learning material.

7. Access to Your Profile

To use a Chromebook, you need to sign in to your profile. Even when you have your own profile on a desktop computer, you have to download the applications you need. When you sign on a Chromebook, you’re securely accessing your profile and immediately accessing the productivity apps. The app includes Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Sheets.

8. Offline Productivity

It’s possible to access productivity apps offline. If your students do not have access to the internet, their learning is not affected. For this to work, students need to use the same device and need to stay signed in to their account. In addition, you do not need to re-upload a file once there is internet access again. It uploads offline.

9. Paperless Possibilities

As schools use devices in the classroom, several teachers are trying to reduce their environmental footprint. In the Chromebook training, teachers express their attempts to go completely paperless – and it’s possible! The tools you need are already on the Chromebooks. This is becoming a more realistic option as we introduce hybrid classes to accommodate the pandemic.

10. In-Class Participation

Chromebooks are a great addition to the classroom for every type of student. What do we mean? Students can participate in their Chromebooks. Thus, giving teachers immediate feedback. This is ideal for the shy student. However, Chromebooks also make Project-Based Learning easy as well. Chromebooks make learning more effective, regardless of what your students need.

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