Chrome OS Flex for Education

Chrome OS Flex gives schools districts the ability to transform old and unused Windows PCs and MacBook hardware into Chromebooks. Chrome OS Flex is based on the same code base as Chrome OS and therefore gives school districts consistency in end user experience and the same simplicity and security of cloud-based management. For school districts, Chrome OS Flex could be a great option for repurposing old PC laptops and MacBooks which would otherwise no longer have a functional use. It could also provide school districts with a unique option for self-service kiosk machines.

How is Chrome OS Flex different from Chrome OS?

Chrome OS Flex delivers the same benefits and features as Chrome OS such as the Chrome browser, Google Assistant, Cloud based Management and the same user interface, so there’s no need to re-train students and staff when they’re issued a Chrome OS Flex device over a regular Chromebook. Chrome OS Flex follows the same release cadence as Chrome OS. Most students won’t notice any significant difference if issued a Chrome OS Flex device, however it’s worth noting that PC and MacBook hardware doesn’t typically have a native search key which is found on Chromebook hardware.

Can I install Chrome OS Flex on Chromebooks with an Expired AUE date?

Currently Chrome OS Flex is intended for PC and MacBook hardware, it is not known if Chrome OS Flex will support Chromebooks where their AUE (Auto Update Expiry) date has expired.

How do I manage Chrome OS Flex devices?

School District IT administrators can manage Chrome OS Flex devices and regular Chromebook devices side by side in the Google Admin Console. Chrome OS Flex devices can also be managed in VIZOR.

Is Chrome OS Flex free for K-12 School Districts?

Chrome OS Flex is free for K-12 School Districts however a Chrome Enterprise for Education Upgrade license is required to manage Chrome OS Flex devices from the Google Admin Console.

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