PowerSchool and VIZOR for Chromebooks Partnership

Partnerships in the education industry are always a good sign. Helping schools and students focus on education while vendors are streamlining processes in the background. PowerSchool is a known name in the industry for various products including their student information system. VIZOR for Chromebooks is an up-and-coming Chromebook management system. In mid-January, they announced their partnership which we will further discuss in this blog.

What is this partnership?

With over 20 years in the education sector, Powerschool now focuses on its Student Information System and Unified Classroom platform. Among their dozens of partners, Vector Networks’ product, VIZOR for Chromebooks, is the sole IT asset management software that focuses on managing Chromebooks.

Why is it important?

The integration is responding to the influx of Chromebook acquisitions made by the K-12 sector. Schools are distributing Chromebooks more than ever, especially while remote learning.

How does it work?

VIZOR for Chromebooks utilizes PowerSchool’s official API for seamless and secure data integration. The new integration between PowerSchool and VIZOR for Chromebooks consolidates a school’s Chromebook inventory and student information to aid Chromebook Management. As a result, schools can easily track which student is using which device, help staff check out Chromebooks for a 1:1 program and automate lost or repair notifications to parents, all in one solution.

The new PowerSchool integration consolidates student information and Chromebook information in one solution. VIZOR for Chromebooks uses student and parent information to help schools allocate Chromebooks as part of a 1:1 program and manage device repairs.

Benefits of the Integration

Especially helpful with 1:1 programs, VIZOR for Chromebooks caters to schools and school districts who need additional functionality beyond Google Admin Console. VIZOR unlocks features such as bulk updates, metadata configuration, and device allocation that the Google Admin Console does not have.

Having both systems fully integrated means schools can manage Chromebooks and have Student information in one place – a dream for IT teams.

“The partnership with Powerschool  is the next step to helping K-12 schools save money, time, and energy,” Erick Yanez, CEO of Vector Networks said, “The schools can use that money, time, and energy on the students, where it should be.”

To find out more about how this partnership can help your school, contact VIZOR for Chromebooks here.

About VIZOR for Chromebooks 

VIZOR for Chromebooks helps school districts manage Chromebooks by consolidating data and streamlining IT processes. VIZOR consolidates student information from PowerSchool and device data from the Google Admin Console in one easy-to-use web-based system. As a result, schools know who has what, automate notifications, and update device metadata in bulk.

How to simplify student device management in your school.

Need a Student Device Management Tool?

  • Google Admin Sync
  • Simplify 1:1 Initiatives
  • Track Device Repairs
  • Barcode Check-In/Check-Out

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