What Is An Enterprise App Store?

An Enterprise Application (App) Store is a portal that displays software to specific end-users. Usually set up for employees, this portal gives access to software like cloud services, licenses, and mobile apps. The variety of software depends on what the organization authorizes, ranging from small monthly subscriptions to costly software licenses. The Enterprise App Store’s interface is normally very easy to navigate and familiar to users as it is similar to app stores like Apple or Google. There are some Enterprise App Stores that have a Search Bar to help employees find what they need. Even if an organization does not have the exact software an employee may search, the portal can suggest the organization’s equivalent.

Uses of an Enterprise App Store

Sometimes employees can easily access their Enterprise App Store to install software on their own. In other cases, it is only used to request to buy or use new software. In the latter scenario, a request process is started as soon as a form is filled in. This will inform IT of the new request as well as start the appropriate authorization process. For example, an employee may want to start using expensive software that their manager must approve before IT can go on to make the purchase. By removing the manual labor it takes to fill out forms, and automatically starting the request process, the portal empowers IT to provide a much more consistent quality service.

Furthermore, an Enterprise App Store gives the IT department control over the software being used. As it is the IT department’s responsibility to manage distribution, monitor usage, and track contracts and renewals, the portal helps keep IT informed of the software throughout the organization. The portal is also a positive security measure, encouraging employees not to download any incompatible or unsupported software.

How an Enterprise App Store benefits your organization

Although it’s usually meant to help IT manage software usage and expenditure, there are many organizational benefits of using an Enterprise App Store. An Enterprise App Store establishes procedures that were otherwise not in place. In addition, a portal will reduce departmental conflicts. In other words, departments do not buy their own software with their budget. IT can optimize contracts and costs if several departments require specific software.

The centralization of an Enterprise App Store facilitates the request and management of software. IT maintains control and efficiency with a portal in place that reduces manual labor and IT costs. The employees benefit by following a proper procedure that ensures consistent delivery, and overall improved experience.

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