6 Ways IT Asset Management Boosts SCCM

6 ways to Improve SCCM with IT Asset Management:

  1. Automation

  2. Role-based provisioning

  3. Documentation

  4. Security measure

  5. Sequential Ability

  6. Competitive Advantage


One of SCCM’s main functionality is deployment. So, why would you need any other tool to help deployment?

Consider the allocation of your software assets. Once the software is deployed, does SCCM know who is using which license? It knows the license has been deployed. It also knows which device it has been allocated to. However, it does not know which employee is using it.

Wait, hold on.

It knows where the software is but not who is using it? Doesn’t this make it harder to service employees who need help with their computers or software?

Furthermore, does SCCM streamline workflows for new employees? Does SCCM make is easy to store documents related to roles?

Here are 6 examples where ITAM can help:

  1. Automation: ITAM tools reduce IT workload by automating the deployment of IT assets. More specifically, it can automatically create tickets for IT that include preparing a new work station. It can also trigger a software deployment via SCCM.
  2. Role-based provisioning: ITAM can automatically allocate IT assets to employees based on his or her position/role, location, or seniority. Once a new employee enters the Active Directory a solution, like VIZOR, will identify the role and see if there are any documents, tickets, or emails to send.
  3. Documentation: Identifying roles and policies reduces manual labor. The creation of proper documentation of employee jobs and their requirements is efficient for HR and IT. The proactive approach encourages organizations to review positions more often.
  4. Security measure: Automating the allocation of hardware or software ensures that no one has access to sensitive employee information or assets when they are no longer required.
  5. Sequential ability: An ITAM solution keeps track of any sequential tasks like setting up an AD account before granting Office 365 access. There is less chance of missing a step and keeps things organized.
  6. Competitive Advantage: Any automation in IT is ideal. It alleviates technicians from manual work and to focus on tasks that are more profitable to the organization


As technology develops, IT is encouraged to find new and better ways of executing tasks. Although SCCM is great at deploying assets, ITAM can take it one step further.

How are you improving your SCCM processes?


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