IT Asset Management In The Education Sector

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The education sector is now a hub of technology. Every institution requires a large variety of IT assets from hardware to software, servers to projectors and the processes in between. Consequently, it’s no surprise that ITAM (IT Asset Management) in the education sector is becoming more common. In addition, according to City A.M., the technology industry in education is worth around $80 billion Canadian dollars.

It’s not difficult to understand why a trend towards ITAM is growing when you consider how many students and staff pass through schools every year. It is likely that hardware, software, and accounts must be distributed and maintained for all those people. In fact, education institutions have the highest turnover rate in IT users because there are many students coming and going each year. This constant shift is very annoying for IT because they lack effective processes and tools.

Problems Involving IT Asset Management In The Education Sector

Since IT assets are constantly moving, the education sector faces issues in maintaining them. It’s hard just to know who has what and where things are. Many assets tend to get lost or to need repairs because of the nonstop shuffle of students and staff. In either case, in order to reflect the assets’ change in location and their resulting processes, the status of the asset must be updated. This can include assigning new asset, buying new asset; arranging RMA (Return Material Authorization).

As technology is becoming a more popular way to learn, the problems IT services in the education sector are facing must be recognized. Sadly, the ways of automating and managing the necessary processes feel unreachable for IT departments.

How VIZOR can help

Recent implementations of VIZOR in the education sector have given us with encouraging feedback. VIZOR includes built-in processes for automating onboarding and the returning of IT assets. Plus, the tool handles borrowing equipment automated email reminders for overdue assets. Actually, some customers have even streamlined this process by using barcode scanners.

The problems of IT Asset Management in the education sector are solved with the correct solution, like VIZOR. Now, tedious ITAM tasks like onboarding and lending equipment can be made easy.

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