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With over 3 million downloads, ChromebookInventory was a popular add-on for Google Admin Console. The add-on exported Chromebook metadata and Organizational Units (OUs) from the Google Admin Console into a Google Sheet. This made it much easier to perform bulk edits against an entire fleet of Chromebooks. Despite its popularity, support for ChromebookInventory stopped. As a result, many are looking for a Chromebook Inventory replacement. In this blog, we will name 4 reasons why you should consider VIZOR for Chromebooks as a ChromebookInventory alternative.

Top 4 Reasons to consider VIZOR

For starters, ChromebookInventory is no longer available. VIZOR has everything ChromebookInventory can do such as bulk updates but also much more. VIZOR is a management solution that considers Education workflows, managing checkout programs, and repairs. It’s difficult to track hundreds or even thousands of Chromebooks. However, VIZOR specializes in IT Asset Management. For that reason, the logical next step was creating VIZOR for managing Chromebooks.

1. Synchronizes with Google Admin Console

VIZOR synchronizes with Google Admin Console. In other words, it replicates the functionality of ChromebookInventory but also does a lot more. VIZOR has access to the key Chromebook metadata within Google Admin Console such as device serial numbers. As a result, by using VIZOR, it is possible to enable barcoding and scan devices when lending them to students or when putting them back in inventory. Thus, streamlining the distribution or collection of thousands of devices.

Further, Chromebooks administrators loved the bulk updates of ChromebookInventory. This is possible in VIZOR. However, VIZOR takes it one step further. It tracks who is the set owner of the device, the location of the device (if set) and the status of each Chromebook. Therefore, there is less possibility of losing the devices because you are holding students accountable for them and/or tracking exactly where they are in the school. In addition, the Chromebooks’ status means knowing how many are being used. It also updates how many are in repair and how many are in inventory. The fleet of Chromebooks is therefore always accounted for.


2. Automatic Allocation

To summarize, Chromebooks are automatically allocated to users (based on their gmail or username) in VIZOR. They can also be allocated based on location, from the metadata in the Google Admin Console.

As a school district, the first step is the location-based allocation. It allows the distribution of the devices based on the school. Within each school, the IT department can then distribute the laptops to students based on their Gmail account or username.

Another example is distributing the fleet of Chromebooks by classroom. In VIZOR, you would distribute each cart of laptops by location/classroom. Then the teacher can distribute each Chromebook to the students based on their email or username.

3. Tracks Chromebook Repairs

How many times do your students break a laptop? It can be many times per week. We know it’s common! That is why VIZOR tracks repairs right in the system.

Let’s say you scan a device with the barcode. In VIZOR, you can select “create repair ticket” right as you check it in. A repair ticket is created in VIZOR for Chromebooks as soon as the laptops are checked in. The solution then lets you diagnose potential problems. It allows you to track the parts for repair, who repaired it and the costs. There is even an option to chargeback the student.

4. Automatic Notifications

A great part of the VIZOR for Chromebooks solution is its ability to set up notifications. Automatic email notifications are available for when a laptop is due, repairs or a chargeback. Notifications can be sent multiple times to parents, students and homeroom teachers.

VIZOR is working alongside many schools to help manage their Fleet of Chromebooks. Find out how VIZOR helps the education sector here

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