Google Admin Console GAC

Google Admin Console (GAC) Chromebook Management

Google Admin Console (GAC) is essential for administering fleets of Chromebooks. Although GAC is a powerful tool for device configuration it has limitations when it comes to asset management. VIZOR for Chromebooks seamlessly integrations with GAC providing a central location for complete Chromebook management.

How VIZOR integrations with the Google Admin Console (GAC)

Seamless bi-directional integration

VIZOR uses Googles official API to provide seamless bi-directional synchronisation with the Google Admin Console.

Synchronized Data

The integration allows VIZOR to obtain the following information from GAC regarding your Chromebooks: Organizational Unit (OU) path, Annotated User, Annotated Location, Annotated Asset ID, Notes, OS Version, OS Name, Serial Number, MAC Address, Device ID, model, Firmware Version, Last Synchronized Date and Time, Platform Version, IMEI/MEID, Enrolment Date, Support End Date, Status in Google Admin Console, Recent Users, Order Number (only available if the device was purchased directly from Google)

Google Workspace / G Suite account single-on

Utilise your existing Google Workspace (G Suite) account to login to VIZOR.

Automatic User and Location allocation of Chromebooks

Chromebooks can be automatically allocated of to users (based on email or username) and locations based on OU information within GAC. The status of a Chromebook is automatically marked Assigned when allocated.

Set Chromebook Status Based on GAC OU

The status of a Chromebook, such as Retired, Repair, Lost and In-stock, can automatically be set based on the domain of the Chromebook within the Google Admin Console. Any actions linked to a status, like sending an email notification or creating a Service Desk ticket, are triggered automatically.

Update GAC OU based on Chromebook Lifecycle Status

The OU of one or many Chromebooks can be updated in GAC directly from VIZOR. This update can be based on a change to the lifecycle status of the device. For example, bulk assigning Chromebooks to a School in VIZOR would update the School OU within GAC.

Identify Old Versions of Chrome OS

Identify devices running older of Chrome OS versions, helping you keep track of where the devices are in their lifecycles.

Remotely disable Chromebooks

Automatically lock/disable Chromebooks in GAC from VIZOR based on the lifecycle status of the device. VIZOR streamlines IT tasks when Chromebooks are lost, stolen or retired. VIZOR will lock the Chromebook in GAC and update its OU membership so it can no longer be used. Other tasks such as sending email notifications acknowledging that the device is lost can be triggered at the same time.

VIZOR Announces Collaboration with PowerSchool to advance Chromebook Management for Educators 

January 14th, 2021 – Atlanta, Georgia – VIZOR announces new collaboration with PowerSchool, a leading provider of K-12 education technology solutions, to help K-12 schools and school districts manage their Chromebooks and 1:1 programs. 

VIZOR for Chromebooks utilizes PowerSchool’s official API for a seamless and secure data integration. The new integration between PowerSchool and VIZOR for Chromebooks consolidates a school’s Chromebook inventory and student information to aid Chromebook Management. As a result, schools can easily track which student is using which device, help staff check out Chromebooks for a 1:1 program and automate lost or repair notifications to parents, all in one solution. 

 The new PowerSchool integration consolidates student information and Chromebook information in one solution. VIZOR for Chromebooks uses student and parent information to help schools allocate Chromebooks as part of a 1:1 program and manage device repairs. 

“The partnership with PowerSchool is the next step to helping K-12 schools save time and energy,” Erick Yanez, CEO said, “Schools can use that time and energy on the students, where it should be.”   

With the speed of technological advancements today, there has never been a better time to form a collaboration among the market leaders within the industry.  From the front office to the classroom to the home, PowerSchool helps schools and districts efficiently manage instruction, learning, grading, attendance, assessment, analytics, state reporting, special education, student registration, talent, finance and HR.    

PowerSchool’s Partner Program is an exclusive collection of Independent Software Vendors (ISV) partners who are critical to our customers and the company’s mission to power the education ecosystem with unified technology that helps educators and students realize their potential, in their way. PowerSchool’s Partner Program promotes the delivery of comprehensive solutions to all areas of management of a classroom, school, school district, or state, by providing integration tools for an enhanced user experience. 

VIZOR, is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) with an integration in place with a PowerSchool solution.   

 For more information on PowerSchool’s Partner Program, visit or email  


About VIZOR for Chromebooks 

VIZOR for Chromebooks helps school districts manage Chromebooks by consolidating data and streamlining IT processes. VIZOR consolidates student information from PowerSchool and device data from the Google Admin Console in one easy-to-use web-based system. As a result, schools know who has what, automate notifications and update device metadata in bulk. 

Contact: Dean Bates


Chromebook Management with PowerSchool

Facilitate Chromebook allocation to Students, 1:1 Programs and device repairs

VIZOR for Chromebooks and PowerSchool help School Districts manage Chromebooks by consolidating data and streamlining IT processes. VIZOR consolidates student information from PowerSchool and device data from Google Admin Console in one easy-to-use Web-based system. As a result, you know who has what, can easily track repairs and update device metadata in bulk.

VIZOR also keeps students accountable for their devices. By sending automated notifications, students are reminded when to return devices and when a charge is due. To keep costs under control, financial information relating to Chromebooks, such as purchase details, warranties and repair chargebacks, can also be managed with VIZOR.

VIZOR for Chromebooks integrates with PowerSchool and IT solutions including Google Admin Console and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM) to streamline key IT processes specific to education, such as allocating Chromebooks to students.

How VIZOR works with PowerSchool

PowerSchool holds your students’ information. Google Admin Console retains device inventory data about your Chromebooks. VIZOR consolidates the data from each system and streamlines IT processes.
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PowerSchool Chromebook Integration
The synchronization between PowerSchool and VIZOR makes it possible to associate devices with your students. This makes it easier to distribute Chromebooks, check-in devices for repair, notify parents when their child needs to return a device and track costs associated to each device, student or school.

PowerSchool + VIZOR for Chromebooks FAQ

What data is synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

VIZOR imports Student and Staff (teachers and other school employees) from PowerSchool. VIZOR also imports schools (including their locations) and the district office.

What Student information is synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

VIZOR imports a limited amount of student information which is required specifically for Chromebook and 1:1 program management. VIZOR imports student data which can be used to easily identify the correct student such as Name, Grade Level, Homeroom Teacher and Lunch ID. VIZOR can also import parent contact details for notifications.

Is data synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR secure?

Yes. VIZOR utilizes the official PowerSchool API for seamless and secure data exchange.

Is VIZOR a certified PowerSchool Partner?


What information is needed to configure the VIZOR and PowerSchool integration?

The PowerSchool Tenant ID, Client ID, Secret Key and Service URL are required to configure the PowerSchool integration. PowerSchool administrators also need to install a plugin to enable the integration.

How often is data synchronized between PowerSchool and VIZOR?

By default PowerSchool data is synchronised every 24 hours, this can be set in the VIZOR configuration area.

Web based Configuration Tools

Unique IT Management

Each organization and IT department is unique. Using a system which doesn't reflect your internal terminology or processes makes the system and team less efficient.

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Configuring VIZOR to your organization

VIZOR has powerful web-based configuration tools and administration options. Plus, no developer skills are required to make customizations in VIZOR. Create an unlimited number of custom fields and business rule workflow processes to meet your own requirements.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Custom terminology

Easily rename field labels to represent the terminology you use internally and/or in your industry.

Unlimited Custom fields

Use web-based tools to create any custom fields you need. There is no limit to the number of custom fields you can create in VIZOR.

Multiple Data Types

VIZOR supports many field data types, such as Text, Number, Currency, Date and multiple-choice lists.

UI Workflows

Use workflows to determine when specific fields are mandatory or visible and create dependency choice lists.

Active Directory Integration

How VIZOR Leverages Active Directory & LDAP

As an IT Asset Management solution, VIZOR tracks and manages assets. To implement ITAM best practices integrate with your active directory to access employee information and trigger automations. As a result, leveraging your existing active directory investment and maintaining your existing security policies. Once the integration is set up, automate common active directory tasks in VIZOR like account privileges and profile updates.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Employee Synchronization

Synchronize user accounts and employee data from Active Directory. Once synchronized easily assign hardware and software assets to active directory users.

Single Sign-on

Users are automatically authenticated and directed to their personal VIZOR homepage without requiring additional sign-on.

Active Directory Automation

Automate the creation of new Active Directory accounts with required privileges for new employees and revoke access when they leave.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

In addition to traditional on-premise Active Directory VIZOR also supports cloud-based Azure Active Directory. VIZOR’s integration with Azure AD provides organizations with all the benefits of utilizing Azure AD tenants including multi-factor authentication.


Key IT Metrics at a Glance

IT management software produce large quantities of data. It can often to be difficult for IT Managers to capture the metrics they need to make informed decisions.

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How VIZOR Focuses on Metrics Most Important to You

Each member of the IT team can easily customize their personal VIZOR dashboard with key performance indicators that are most relevant to their role. For example, an IT Asset Manager may want to see the number of assets that are out for repair. A Software Asset Manager may want to see the number of upcoming license renewals. A Service Desk Manager may want to see outstanding tickets. The VIZOR dashboard can also be configured for “Wallboard Mode.” As the name suggests, it’s possible to display the team’s key performance indicators on a screen in the office. It provides the important metrics at a glance.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Out-of-the-Box Widgets

Out-of-the-box, VIZOR includes a library of over 40 widgets to customize your dashboard.

User customizable

Each user can easily create their own personal homepage with KPI’s important to their role by selecting widgets from the homepage library.


Many widgets have a drilldown link which provides quick access to detailed data represented in the high-level metric.

Wallboard Mode

VIZOR’s dashboard can be configured in wallboard (TV dashboard) mode for organizations with a mounted office screen. This provides a glanceable view of the team’s key performance indicators.

Centralize IT Documentation

Where is last year’s maintenance contract?

Important documentation relating to your IT assets can often be difficult to find, lost in email inboxes, network shares or filing cabinets.

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How VIZOR Centralizes IT Asset Documentation

Proof of purchase documentation, contracts, certificates, or any other important documentation can be stored in VIZOR. More importantly, you can link the documents directly to the corresponding asset, purchase or license. Further, VIZOR integrates with SharePoint or Alfresco to directly link to assets, purchases or licenses. Therefore, leveraging your existing documentation repository.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Easily Access Documents

All documents are directly linked to the appropriate purchase, asset or license. No more digging around in email inboxes, network shares or filing cabinets.

Software Audit Defense

Have proof of purchase documentation easily on hand to support your software license position.

Link to Microsoft SharePoint

Link to documents in your SharePoint repository to leverage your organization’s investments in security and efficiency.

Link to Alfresco

Link assets and software licenses to purchase orders, invoices, warranty and contract documentation held in your Alfresco file repository.

Email Alerts and Reminders

Proactive IT

Spreadsheets are great but they’re not proactive. Keeping track of warranty expiry dates for thousands hardware assets, renewal dates for hundreds of software agreements and chasing approval for requests is massively time consuming and takes IT away from their core operational tasks.

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How VIZOR keeps you informed

With over 50 out-of-the-box templates, VIZOR keeps IT Managers informed when a warranty is about to expire on hardware, when an asset is lost or when a software agreement is due for renewal. These reminders can also be set up to send detailed PDF reports at the end of each week. In addition, email alerts for new asset requests automatically notify the appropriate department manager to start the approval process. VIZOR also automatically tracks maintenance and cloud subscription renewals with timely reminders to avoid renewal penalties.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Out-of-the-box Notifications

There are over 50 notification templates in VIZOR for different processes. These include notification of software renewals, lost assets, request approvals and notification of new software on your network.

Customize Notifications

Edit email notification templates to reflect your organizations terminology and branding.

Email Triggers

Emails can be triggered by a service level agreement response, an asset provisioning task or an approval request.

Integrate with Office 365 and Google Workspace

Leverage your existing email service, such as Office 365 and Google Workspace (G Suite), to send notification emails.

Track IT Costs

Track IT Costs

Being responsible for the assets of the company, the IT department needs to track their purchases. Whether it’s hardware, software, cloud subscriptions or virtual machines, IT Managers need visibility into the costs for audits and forecasting purposes.

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How VIZOR Simplifies Tracking IT Costs

VIZOR becomes the central repository for IT purchases and asset information. The visibility of the data in one place makes it easier to track. However, VIZOR takes it further and links asset information to purchases. Then, VIZOR displays total costs and average cost per user. This information can be seen by Department Managers in VIZOR’s 'View only' mode or reports can be exported to distribute the information as well.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education


Historic purchase information is stored to help forecast future IT expenditures. Forecasting takes several attributes in to account such average purchase value, contract end dates and current usage requirements.

Integration with Purchasing Systems

Select the relevant purchase orders and/or line items, from a spreadsheet or Microsoft Dynamics, and link them to an appropriate asset, license or subscription in VIZOR.

Auto-Renew Purchases

Automatically create purchases for auto-renewing assets like cloud services or cloud computing platforms.

Asset Depreciation Calculation

Calculate the current book value of IT assets using one of eight commonly used depreciation schemes available in VIZOR.

Allocate Assets to Employees

Allocate Assets to Employees

You can’t manage what you don’t know you have, and you can’t get back assets if you don’t know who has them. VIZOR ensures you know Exactly 'Who Has What'

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How VIZOR Allocates Assets to Employees

VIZOR consolidates asset, employee and AD information. Assets can easily, even automatically, be allocated to employees providing department and asset managers with full asset visibility. VIZOR tracks who is using what so when an employee calls in with a question about their computer or when they lose a cellphone, you know exactly what you’re working with. By default, VIZOR keeps inventory information accurate.

"VIZOR was selected because it has a clean user interface and powerful integration opportunities for connecting IT to other business units."

Iowa Department of Education

Asset Allocation Processes

Out of the box ITIL Onboarding and Check-out processes simplify the allocation of assets to employees

Username Allocation

Allocate computers to employees based on the user of the device.

Management View of Assets

Managers can access VIZOR with a 'View Only' mode. That way, they can see the IT costs of their department and what is allocated to their employees.

Leavers Asset Report / Notifications

Get assets back when employees leave. Notifications can be sent to employees and reports provided for department managers.